“I have been yoyo dieting all my life. The "diets" always work in the short term, but nothing stuck. The weight always seemed to creep back on, and then some.I need to lose some extra weight, but most importantly, get healthy. I was recently diagnosed with Systemic Lupus. I need to be in the best shape psychically to combat whatever may happen. So, a lifestyle change was in order. Christina told me I was eating all the wrong foods and exercising TOO much! I thought, what!!?? That can't be right! It has been hard wired into my head to exercise more, eat less!! Within the first 2.5 weeks I was down 9 lbs, NINE! And, the best part is, I'm making my own food choices and I am feeling full and satisfied! I also get a cheat every Saturday, which for me usually comes in the form of red wine. I can do this! The first 2 weeks were hard, but when you start seeing and feeling the results, it's very clear that it's worth it. Christina is inspirational, motivating, caring and beautiful both inside, and out. She is very quick to respond to questions. In fact, I am sometimes standing in the grocery store with a questionable food in my hand, and she responds way before I leave the grocery store! She is very dedicated to helping you feel like the best "you," you can be. “
   -JOEY M.

“I dieted like my Coach told me to, trained until I felt like I was going to break, and my body did NOTHING. That's where I was. After months of the same crash diets and excessive cardio that are the norm amongst competitors, I was burnt out, seeing no progress and actually startng to have major health problems crop up. Christina came along and gave me sane plan that is actually yielding me results I didn't even see over a 6 month period and I am well on my way to a happy, healthier 1st Figure Competition. I cannot thank her enough for continuing to stay on the cutting edge of all things training and nutrition!”

“I was 1 of those guys thinking more is better , before I met you 6 weeks I was experiencing plateaus or weight gained ,I was at the gym 5 a.m. doing hour cardio burning about 600 calories , evening 6 days a week lifting very hard could not understand what's going on and frustrated ,after meeting you ask me to stop doing what I was doing and change things around was very reluctant the first week I literally dropped my training in half , now I take more time off less time at the gym change diet , since we started the last 4-5 weeks 16 pounds loss gaining muscle mass starting to see definition more exercise is not better for you I am living proof of that did not work”

“You are incredible. Your body is amazing and that should not intimidate people. It should motivate them to give a great diet and fitness a try. I have learned so much from you in just a few weeks. I look at food differently now. Because I know better now. I eat regularly and never feel hungry. And if I felt the need to “cheat” it would be hard knowing what I know now. You not only offer people a plan, you educate them which makes a huge difference. I know I still have loads to learn, but I feel differently about my diet now. I never have a problem losing weight once I set my mind to it. My problem lies in keeping it off. This plan has taught me a lot about how my body works and what it needs. It would be very difficult going back to the way I used to eat and exercise. You flat out rock!”

“You are accommodating and ask what the person wants. You also LISTEN and tweak things as you go along, which I think is KEY! You aren’t one of those trainers who think they know everything… you learn as you go with each new person because we’re all different, and you recognize that.”

"Aaaaaaah, i was going to crack a joke or two, but who am i kidding... Christina is pretty awsome. I know a great deal of people on the fitness & bodybuilding circuits, along with therapists, nutritionists, supposed "weightloss gurus", and tons of "Know it alls"... and Christina Rorick Adler is the only one i trust 100% out of all of them. She has had great success with herself and others of varying stages of weight loss, physique toning & building. She listens and offers solid and considerate advice & direction for what YOU need to accomplish. If there is only one to follow in your endeavor of weight loss, better health and fitness, let it be her and Fit Resolutions LLC."
   -AARON H.

"I've known Christina a long time and it took me a long time to get the nerve to contact her about Fit Resolutions ... Too long! She is a truly driven and motivated individual who has every clients best interest at heart! She puts her heart and soul into helping us each and every day when she could be doing things for herself or her family. She truly puts in 150%+++ to each and every one of us and is by our side the whole way encouraging and never discouraging us! She develops individualized workouts and healthy eating plans that are specific to our own needs. She researches everything and anything and is always there day and night to answer questions and give advice. I wouldn't trust my body or health to any one else... Look at her and all she's done... Theres the proof and the motivation that we all needed..."
   -LISA D. K.

"I have struggled with my weight all of my life and bought into every fad diet and miracle pill there ever was. i have never had the success i have with Christina! She motivates and educates like a pro and truly cares about each and every one of her clients. However my true testimony comes this past week. i had surgery for a hernia with open procedure but was back to work less than 48 hours later. it's honestly because of the transformation Christina has done with me in 8 short weeks. I am stronger and healthier than ever. She knows her sttuff and has been a godsent to me
   -DELLA D.

"I have known Christina Rorick Adler before and after her transformation. And she is truely inspiring and knows her stuff! I had gained some weight and was really struggling to get if off. I was so hungry all the time and was working out a lot. Christina helped me turned my body back around. I have lost over 12 lbs in 3 months and for me that is a lot, since I didn't have a lot to lose. I mainly wanted to tone up again! And she has been there to answer questions and help give tyou the workout you need and not spend a lot of time in the gym. Workouts are usually 45 mins long! Christina is motivational! If you do what she says from a diet perspective your body changes. It is amazing! So glad I decided to take the plunge!"

"I am one of the new ones to this amazing group of people! Christina is a great leader! She has the answer to every question you ask...the thing I also like is if she isn't sure about the answer she researches it and gets right back to you! I can't even begin to tell you the difference I feel in just 3 1/2 weeks! She has designed a nutrition plan that is a great fit with my diabetes! I wake up with energy...no more feeling sluggish...i can't wait to get to the gym...she mixes up the workouts so I am never bored! She never asks you to do something she wouldn't do or hasn't done herself! She totally puts her HEART into what she does and each one of us it's not about financial gain! Trustworthy...Professional...and a great friend! You are never in this alone. Thank you Christina! I am excited to get on the scale soon already seeing results! She knows her stuff...step out and trust her!"
   -KELLY M.

"Working with Christina Rorick Adler has been wonderful. She is so knowledgeable and teaching me (the physician) so much! I lead a busy life without a lot of free time, but she has taken the time to individualize my program so I can do more at home and it works! I can't believe the results I saw in the first 30 days. Thanks so much and I look forward to the next few months ahead!"
   -JANINE Z. B.

"I was working out 6-7 days a week and TONS of cardio! 1800 calories of all the wrong food. Now, I'm eating 1800-2000 calories of good food, I have 2 full rest days. Not doing half as much cardio and 2-3 days of lifting. I feel better now than I have in a really long time. The first 2.5 weeks I lost 9 lbs. NINE! The weight is still coming off, I'm sleeping better and feeling great. I used to have about 10-15 questions a day for Christina. I have stopped asking. Now if she says jump, I ask how high. The lady knows her stuff! And she's a nice lady:)"
   -JOEY H. M.

send me an email at:  Christina@fitresolutions.com