Once I have gathered information from you about your exercise preferences, lifestyle, medical history and prior diet and exercise experience, I will design an exercise program that will help you reach your goals as quickly as possible. I will also provide you with nutritional information, resources and counseling that will help you learn how to eat, when to eat and what to eat to reach your personal goals. You will also have access to your own personal exercise calendar that allows you to view all of your workouts in 3D demos that can be downloaded to your mobile phone. You can also track your progress by entering your stats for each workout. These workouts will be changed regularly and modifications will be made to ensure that you are getting results without getting bored and that your body is always being challenged. Finally, you will gain access to my private Facebook support page where all of my clients share recipes, tips, frustrations, motivation and inspiration. You get all of this plus all the feedback and interaction you need from me for just $150 for the first month and $75 for subsequent months. If you are an athlete or physique competitor, prices will vary based upon how detailed a program is required to get you ready for your main event.

send me an email at:  Christina@fitresolutions.com